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Digimon Card Game - Display - Chain of Liberation - EX08 - EN

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Dive into a new world of adventure!

Prepare to experience Digimon battles of unprecedented intensity with the EX08 – Chain of Liberation Booster! This booster box is full of powerful cards and exciting innovations that will delight players of all levels.

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This item is on pre-order. Release date : 10/01/2025

Digimon Card Game - Display - Chain of Liberation - EX08 - EN - Bandai

Immerse yourself in the world of Digimon Liberator!

Get ready to experience extraordinary adventures with the Chain of Liberation Booster - EX08 - EN from the Digimon Card Game! This display is full of new and powerful cards from the webcomic "Digimon Liberator", as well as iconic Digimon from the "Digimon Pendulum" series.

Discover new Digimon and their Digivolutions!

MedievalGallantmon: Protagonist Shoto Kazama's ultimate asset makes its debut in the TCG! Digivolve your Digimon and dominate your opponents with its legendary power.
Unpublished Digimon from Digimon Liberator: New Digimon and their Digivolutions from the webcomic "Digimon Liberator" are waiting to be discovered! Strengthen your deck with these unique cards and surprise your opponents with new strategies.
Invasion of the Nightmare Soldiers and Deep Savers: Prepare to face the Digimon "Nightmare Soldiers" and "Deep Savers" from the virtual game line "Digimon Pendulum". These powerful Digimon will bring a breath of fresh air to the game and put your skills to the test.

X Antibody: An even more powerful power!

Many popular Digimon return in this booster pack, featuring the incredible X Antibody power! Gallantmon X Antibody returns stronger than ever, accompanied by Darbamon X Antibody, Sakuyamon X Antibody, Justimon

Booster contents:

78 cards per booster:
22 Common cards
20 Uncommon cards
18 Rare cards
12 Super Rare cards
2 Secret Rare cards
4 SP cards
12 cards per booster
24 boosters per box

This item is on pre-order. Release date : 10/01/2025

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EX08 - Chain of Liberation

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The card has slight damage such as scratches or chipped corners, but remains in very good condition. The edges of the card may show slight scuffs or wear marks. The surface of the card may have a few small scratches or blemishes, but nothing too noticeable. Illustrations and text may show slight wear, but are still perfectly legible and visible.

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The card has suffered more damage such as deep scratches or chipped corners, but is still playable. The edges of the card have more noticeable scuffs and wear marks. The surface of the card may have creases, deep scratches or discoloration. Artwork and text may show moderate wear, but are generally still legible and visible.

  Poor Condition - Heavily Played (HP)

The map has suffered extensive damage such as scratches, dented corners and major damage, and is no longer considered to be in collectible condition. Edges of card have heavy scuffs and wear marks. The surface of the card may show severe creases, tears, stains or discolorations. Illustrations and text may be difficult to read or view due to considerable wear.