Kayou 110 - Booster Box

Kayou 110 - Booster Box

Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite licenses with the JCC Kayou!
Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, Saint Seiya... Bring together your favorite heroes in an exciting collectible card game!

Kayou TCG Displays are a great way to add new cards to your collection. The higher the Tier of a box, the more likely you are to obtain rare cards!

Kayou 110 - Booster Box

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Discover the different rarities of the Kayou TCG cards!

From the most common to the most valuable, Kayou TCG cards come in a multitude of rarities, each with its own characteristics and appeal.

Common rarities:

R (Rare): Easy to find, these cards represent the basis of the game.
SR (Super Rare): Rarer than R cards, they offer more remarkable illustrations and effects.
SSR (Super Super Rare): Even rarer than SR cards, these cards are coveted by collectors for their beauty and power.

Valuable rarities:

UR (Ultra Rare): Of great rarity, these cards have exceptional illustrations and effects.
AR (Absolute Rare): Extremely rare, these cards are real gems for collectors.
GOLD (Over Rare): Of legendary rarity, these cards are the most valuable in the Kayou TCG.

Exclusive rarities:

TR (Transparent Rare): Available only in the “5 Yuan / Tiers 3” booster packs, these transparent cards reveal a unique illustration.
TGR (Transparent Gold Rare): Even rarer than TR cards, TGR cards are distinguished by their golden and transparent illustration.
HR (Holographic Rare): Exclusive to the “10 Yuan / Tiers 4” booster packs, these cards shine brightly thanks to their holographic illustration.
ZR (Zekkyou Rare): Available only in the “2 Yuan / Tiers 2” boosters, these rare cards attract attention with their dynamic illustration.
SLR (Shadow Light Rare): Present in the “10 Yuan / Tiers 4” boosters, these cards stand out for their illustration surrounded by a mystical shadow.
CP (Character Partner): Unique to the “T2.5W1” boosters, these cards feature a character and his partner.
SP (Special Portait): Available in the “2 Yuan / Tiers 2, 5 Yuan / Tiers 3 and 10 Yuan / Tiers 4” booster packs, these cards present a sumptuous portrait of an iconic character.
MR (Memorial Rare): Introduced from Wave2/Series2, these cards celebrate a landmark moment in licensing history.
GP (Gold Pack): Exclusive to “1 Yuan / Tiers 1” boosters, these golden cards add a touch of luxury to your collection.
CR (Commemorative Rare): Present in the “2 Yuan / Tiers 2” boosters, these cards commemorate a special event.
NR (New Rare): Available only in the “5 Yuan / Tiers 3” boosters, these cards introduce new characters or game mechanics.
BP (Bonus Pack): Exclusive to “10 Yuan / Tier 4” boosters, these cards offer additional bonuses and rewards.

Ultimate Rarity:

SE (Special Edition): Produced in limited quantities, these cards represent the holy grail of collectors. Available from Wave 4/Series 4 and costing 10 Yuan/Tier 4, they celebrate the most memorable moments of the licenses.

With such a variety of rarities, the Kayou TCG offers players and collectors of all levels an exciting challenge and unique gaming experience.