Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Boxed Set

Dragon Ball Super TCG is a collectible card game based on the Dragon Ball Super universe. It is published by Bandai Namco and was released in France in 2018. The game is played by two players and consists of cards representing characters, attacks and objects from the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super TCG Box Sets are a great way to add new cards with exclusive designs to your collection.


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Dragon Ball Super JCC - Box sets: Exclusive treasures to enhance your collection!

Dive into the heart of the Dragon Ball Super universe and discover the TCG Boxes, real treasures containing cards with exclusive designs and goodies that will delight all fans! Whether you are an experienced collector or a player looking for powerful new cards, the Dragon Ball Super TCG Boxes have something to meet all your expectations.

Two formats for extraordinary adventures:

Fusion World: Master fusion and dominate your opponents with new card designs inspired by the Fusion World format.
Masters: Relive the legendary battles of your favorite heroes with cards featuring key moments from the Masters format.

Each Dragon Ball Super TCG Box contains a unique assortment of cards and goodies:

Cards with exclusive designs: Cards not found anywhere else, with sumptuous illustrations and unique effects.
Rare and powerful cards: Strengthen your deck with cards that will give you a definite advantage over your opponents.
Exclusive goodies: Playmats, card protectors and many other surprises to complete your collection and enhance your gaming experience.

The Dragon Ball Super TCG Boxes are the ideal opportunity to:

Expand your collection with unique and exclusive cards.
Discover powerful new cards to boost your deck.
Obtain collector's goodies that will delight all Dragon Ball fans.
Make an original gift for a Dragon Ball Super fan.

Don't wait any longer and order your Dragon Ball Super TCG Box today!