ITI - Les Terres d’Encres

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Discover the Lands of Inks with Disney Lorcana!

Find your favorite Disney characters and complete your deck for wild duels. Common, rare, legendary cards and much more await you for hours of exciting gameplay.

ITI - Les Terres d’Encres

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Welcome to the Disney Lorcana Single Card - Les Terres d'Encres category, where magic mixes with exploration!

Discover the Les Terres d’Encres expansion and explore enchanting landscapes populated by fantastic creatures. New characters and new game mechanics await you for even more captivating duels.

Find your favorite Disney heroes in new adventures and face formidable enemies from Disney tales. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Merlin, Maleficent and many others join you for magical battles.

Choose from 6 ink colors and build formidable decks by combining the different abilities and characteristics of your cards.

From common cards to legendary cards, including rare and shiny cards, you will find something here to delight all collectors and players.

Whether you are a beginner eager for discovery or an experienced player looking for new strategies, the Disney Lorcana - Les Terres d'Encres single cards will offer you hours of entertainment and challenge.

Complete your collection, sharpen your strategies and dominate the game to become an undisputed master of Disney Lorcana!