Star Wars: Unlimited - Booster

Star Wars: Unlimited - Booster

Star Wars: Unlimited Boosters: Stock up on new cards! Each official booster in French contains 16 cards, including rare and brilliant ones!

Star Wars: Unlimited TCG is the collectible card game which will be released in 2024 in France. Each collector will be able to discover Products containing cards from common to legendary with a panel of foil cards and potentially even rarer Hyperspace or Showcase versions!

Star Wars: Unlimited - Booster

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Star Wars: Unlimited - Booster: the best way to complete your collection

Star Wars: Unlimited booster packs are the best way to complete your card collection. They contain 16 cards. These boosters will allow you to find the rare and holographic cards you are looking for, as well as even rarer special versions, such as the "Hyperspace" and "Showcase" versions.

Each booster contains 16 cards, including:

9 community cards
3 uncommon cards
1 rare or legendary card
1 leader
1 base/chip
1 foil card (glossy)

Community cards are the most common and are used to form the basis of your collection. Rare and legendary cards are more powerful and will allow you to create more competitive decks. Foil cards are shiny and are rarer than common cards. The "Hyperspace" and "Showcase" cards are even rarer and feature unique artwork or special effects.

The strategic game will delight all fans of the legendary universe created by George Lucas!
If you are a fan of Star Wars and want to complete your collection of Star Wars: Unlimited cards, the booster is the ideal product for you.