Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Masters & Fusion World

Dragon Ball Super TCG is a collectible card game based on the Dragon Ball universe. It is published by Bandai Namco and is played in Masters or Fusion World format. The game is played by two players and consists of cards representing characters, attacks and objects from the Dragon Ball universe.

The Dragon Ball Super TCG Product Category brings together all products related to the game, displays, boosters, decks, accessories and many other exclusive products.

Dragon Ball Super Card Game

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Dragon Ball Super TCG - Masters & Fusion World: Dive into the heart of the legendary universe!

Enter the arena and relive the epic battles of your favorite Dragon Ball heroes with Dragon Ball Super TCG - Masters & Fusion World! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this collectible card game will transport you to the heart of the action, allowing you to create powerful decks and compete in strategic duels.

Master the power of cards and become the ultimate champion!

Discover the two game formats:

Masters (released in France in 2018): The classic format of the game, with a wide range of cards representing emblematic characters from the Dragon Ball universe and its derivatives.
Fusion World (released in France in 2024): An innovative new format which introduces very modern game mechanics and is very close to One Piece Card Game.

The Dragon Ball Super TCG Product Category offers you a wide selection of products to enrich your gaming experience:

Displays: Boxes containing a large number of cards, ideal for beginner players or for quickly building a collection.
Boosters: Sleeves containing a reduced number of cards, perfect for discovering new cards and enriching your existing decks.
Decks: Ready-to-play pre-constructed decks, ideal for beginning players who want to get acquainted with the game.
Accessories: Card protectors, playing mats and many other products to protect your cards and improve your playing comfort.
Exclusive products: Rare cards and exclusive merchandise not to be missed!

Whether you're looking for powerful cards for your deck, products to enhance your gaming experience, or exclusive merchandise, the Dragon Ball Super TCG Product Category has what you need!

Don't wait any longer and join the Dragon Ball Super TCG community today!