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Don't miss out on what's new in the world of trading cards. To obtain certain editions, rare collectible cards, exclusive expansions, there is no other solution than to pre-order to be sure to be one of the lucky ones. In this category, you will benefit from the very latest releases from the world of collectible cards and this in preview. Whether you're Pokemon CAC or Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon, One Piece TCG, Vanguard Overdress and all the others, take advantage of our pre-orders so you don't miss anything!

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Since 2014, Fantasy Sphere has been a store specializing in collectible cards. Since 2014, we have not only been hunting Pokemon, but all the new ones all over the world! Today, we have a network, the knowledge and the expertise to offer you the best pre-orders on the trading card market, whether in French or English and at the best price: Structure Deck - Preconstructed Deck - Box - Starter Deck - Booster Box - Display. Don’t hesitate to check our pre-orders page regularly so as not to miss out on new products from the world of trading cards, as demand is high and pre-orders are often limited!