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Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Starter Deck

Dragon Ball Super TCG is a collectible card game based on the Dragon Ball Super universe. The TCG published by Bandai Namco and released in France in 2018. The game is played by two players and consists of cards representing characters, attacks and objects from the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super CG Starter Decks are a great way to get started in the game. Start with a pre-built pack on your favorite leader!

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ragon Ball Super TCG - Starter Decks: Embark on the adventure!

Ready to dive into the thrilling world of Dragon Ball Super TCG? Starter Decks are for you! Perfect for beginners and casual players alike, these pre-built decks give you everything you need to start your adventure and experience epic battles.

Choose your hero and dominate the field!

Each Dragon Ball Super TCG Starter Deck is built around an iconic leader from the saga, such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan or Frieza. You will find in each deck:

50 Pre-Selected Cards: A carefully crafted assortment of cards to provide you with a balanced and engaging gaming experience.
1 powerful Leader card: An iconic character from the Dragon Ball Super universe, with a unique ability to influence the course of the game.
A Beginner's Guide: Clear, detailed instructions to learn the rules of the game and familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics.

Decks for all playstyles:

Whether you're an aggressive player who likes to attack with force, or a more strategic player who prefers to take your time building devastating combos, you'll find a Dragon Ball Super TCG Starter Deck to suit your playstyle.

The advantages of Starter Decks:

Easy to learn: Ideal for beginners who want to discover the game without worrying about building a deck.
Balanced decks: Offer a fun and competitive gaming experience from the first games.
A solid foundation for your future decks: Allow you to learn the basics of the game and start collecting cards to build your own custom decks.
Striking illustrations: Find your favorite characters in dynamic illustrations faithful to the Dragon Ball Super universe.

Dragon Ball Super TCG Starter Decks are the perfect way to:

Discover the Dragon Ball Super collectible card game.
Learn the basic rules and mechanics.
Experience epic battles with friends or family.
Start a Dragon Ball Super card collection.

Don't wait any longer and order your Dragon Ball Super TCG Starter Deck today!