Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Booster

Dragon Ball Super TCG is a collectible card game based on the Dragon Ball Super universe. It is published by Bandai Namco and was released in France in 2018. The game is played by two players and consists of cards representing characters, attacks and objects from the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super TCG Card Packs are a great way to add new cards to your collection. Each booster contains 8 cards.


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Dragon Ball Super TCG - Boosters: Explosion of power for your deck!

Unleash the legendary power of the Z Warriors with Dragon Ball Super TCG Boosters and take your deck to new heights! Whether you're a novice Saiyan or an experienced Super Warrior, these recharge packs are packed with powerful cards and devastating effects that will allow you to dominate your opponents.

Each Dragon Ball Super TCG Booster contains 12 random cards from the Dragon Ball Super, Z, GT and even Fusion universes. Among these treasures, you may have the chance to discover cards representing your favorite characters, attacks with spectacular animations and objects with extraordinary powers.

With the Dragon Ball Super TCG Boosters, the adventure has only just begun! Enrich your collection, develop formidable strategies and surprise your rivals with unexpected combos.

Here are some reasons to get Dragon Ball Super TCG Boosters:

Discover new cards and expand your collection.
Strengthen your deck with iconic characters and powerful attacks.
Develop new strategies and dominate your opponents.
Have fun collecting and trading cards with your friends.
Complete your existing decks or create new ones.

Dragon Ball Super TCG Boosters are the secret weapon to boost your gaming experience and achieve victory. Don't wait any longer and order yours today!